How Homemade And Store Bought Cleaners Compare

6:11 PM, Nov 22, 2013   |    comments
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WINSTON SALEM, NC -- Just because your house smells clean, doesn't mean it is!

2 Wants To Know tested three cleaners with the help of Wake Forest University Biology Professor Jim Curran and one of his students.

We used a store bought anti-bacterial, a homemade vinegar and water mix and a store bought natural cleaner.

For our first test, We rubbed raw chicken on cutting boards and then sprayed the cleaners. Guess what?
The chicken was unusually clean! No salmonella.
So round 2  consists of Dr. Curran spilling a measured amount of
a lab strain of e-coli.

Each cutting board gets a dose, a sample is taken, the boards are sprayed with each one of the cleaners and another sample is taken.

Student Leann Westin is doing the testing honors this time.
The samples breed for 24 hours.
Take a look at the before and after pictures of the petri dishes.





Sample 1-- the store bought anti bacterial kills all the bacteria

Sample 2-- the home made vinegar killed almost everything

Sample 3-- the store bought "natural" cleaner killed bacteria,  but not as much as the vinegar

"I think when people see an all purpose cleaner they will assume it will clean everything but they all have different compounds and will only clean certain things and can leave bacteria behind. "










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