Piedmont Parent: Kids, Gifts, Appreciation And Rules For Grandparents

6:14 PM, Nov 22, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC  -- You're making a shopping list and you're telling your kids to make a wish list. Than why are we surprised when they put a whole bunch of pricey stuff on the list?

Piedmont Parent Magazine's Shannon Koontz  is helping us reign ourselves and the kids in.

This is a challenge for parents to navigate and we do need to set limits. Making a list isn't bad, as long as we have a discussion with our kids so they know not everything on the list will be under the tree. Ask them to star or circle their favorites if it's a long list!  

Teaching children the value of money doesn't sound like a magical holiday moment. But Shannon says, "that's what gift cards are for!" Shannon says when kids get a gift card, they are the ones who then have to learn how to budget the money to get what they want. It puts them in the decision making seat and shows them how much or how little money can buy.

Understanding the value of a dollar and appreciating any gift, no matter how small is a big deal. "Please and Thank You" is a staple. But Shannon also says, it's the parents who need to set limits with Grandma too! Sometimes the tough conversation about excess has to be had not with a child, but with another adult!

Shannon gives examples too of living out the saying "It's better to give than receive". From making cookies and taking them to the local fire department, police department or nursing home.






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