Tips For Straightening Up Before Your Holiday Company

8:01 PM, Nov 21, 2013   |    comments
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As the holidays approach, you'll set out your favorite decorations. The experts at Consumer Reports have recommended ways to make that prep work easy before the guests arrive.

If you don't want fold lines in your tablecloths - Consumer Reports says to roll them up on empty wrapping paper tubes.

What about getting the wax off candlesticks or menorahs? The key is temperature extremes. If the candlestick is silver or metal, Consumer Reports says the key is freezing it. They say to put the candlestick in the freezer until the wax hardens and then scrape it off. If wax is still there, put it in boiling water.

If its a glass or wood candlestick, Consumer Reports experts say heat is the answer. Use a blow-dryer on the wax and blot the melting wax with a paper towel. But be careful not to overheat wood because it could crack.

When it comes to your silver, you can get tarnish off with silver cleaner and a damp sponge. But there are lots of things not to do when it comes to silver.

-Don't soak it.

-Don't wash silver and stainless steel together.

-Avoid lemon-scented detergents because they can damage silver.

-Don't pour detergents directly on silver.

-Don't leave silver out because air accelerates tarnishing, instead store it on a sealable plastic bag.

When it comes to cleaning up spills, Consumer Reports suggests a homemade solution of a teaspoon of mild clear or white dishwashing liquid without bleach and a cup of warm water. Remember to always blot stains because scrubbing can damage surfaces. Always work from the edge of the stain to the center to keep the stain from spreading.

Consumer Reports/WFMY News 2

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