2WTK If Cash-Back Sites Really Give You Rebates

6:06 PM, Nov 21, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- When you think holiday shopping you probably only think about spending money. But what if you could make money by shopping? That's right. Some sites pay - in rebates - for your shopping on their sites. But how much can you really make?

First some general points about cash-back sites:

  • Rebates can range from one to 30%.
  • Yes the rebates are from stores you've actually heard of.
  • Shipping costs don't always eat up your rebate. The sites often have coupon codes for free shipping too.
  • If free shipping isn't an option, some stores offer in-store pickup and ship-to-store options.

If you're not married to a particular store, try the search-by-product feature. Here's an example. We looked up the must-have fitness accessory of the season --- the FitBit Wireless Wristband. It's $99.95 and has free shipping on three sites.

  • Shopathome: you get 2.5 % cash back from citysports.com or about $2.50.
  • Mr. Rebates: 6% cash back from drugstore.com, Sports Authority and REI. That's about $6 back.
  • Extrabux: It had a coupon for $12 off the FitBit off at Brookstone, plus 7.2% cash back. So in the end, you'd pay about $82 for the FitBit Flex.

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