Stores With No Return, Exchange Or Refund Policy?

6:05 PM, Nov 20, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC --  The consumer is ALWAYS right. That statement can be true, if the consumer has all the facts!

And most of us, probably didn't know the fact North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper shared with us.

"Many merchants do allow for exchanges and refunds, but some don't and there are a numbers of consumers that have been surprised."

Cooper says state law does not require stores to offer a return, exchange or refund policy.

Now many stores do have policies and if you don't think they're sticking by their policy theAttorney General's office wants to know about it.

Cooper also wanted to make sure 2 Wants To Know viewers knew another key point that could lead to a costly surprise.

"In fact there are some merchants that in order for you to exchange something or get a refund they charge what's called a restocking fee which is allowed under the law and they're not required to tell you upfront"

It doesn't sit well to know the company is not required to tell you upfront. But they do have to tell you when you ask.
So, ask!  And ask before  they ring you up not while you're handing over your cash or card!














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