Carolina Garage Door Leaves Customer With A 3 Inch Gap

6:44 PM, Nov 12, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC --  2 Wants To Know is all about helping you solve your consumer problems.

This time around, a call made to a local business owner ended up with the business owner using a four letter word! Even with the curse words, 2WTK solved the case.

"I don't know that you need to use a four letter word with me."

Wow! A four letter word from the owner of Carolina Garage Door, Greg Gilmer. 2WTK called Gilmer last week to see if he wanted to tell his side of the story on TV. The answer, was No!

The conversation between Gilmer and 2WTK started because of a three inch gap.

You see, Leigh Ann Hall's brand new garage door doesn't touch the ground.

 "Had to put blankets and towels and several boards so to block the water."

Take a look at the video and pictures attached. You can see Leigh Ann's old wood doors had a wedge on the bottom right side to fill that 3 inch gap. She says she pointed it out to the
Carolina Garage Door sales rep.

"He told me it would be no problem and that's why we were here and I have a big problem!"

The 3 inches turned out to be a big problem for the installer and the work crew.

"The guy who came out had no he didn't have any idea that there was a gap or that he needed an extra piece or anything."

 When Leigh Ann finally talked to Gilmer herself, "He told me that they should never have taken this job, and he can't fix my door. "

So, Where did that leave Leigh Ann? The total price for two doors on the house and a door on the shed was $2670.
     She paid $1000 but refused to pay the rest until he fixed it. And that's when Gilmer put a lien on Leigh Ann's house.

"I was pretty angry about that."

So she reached out to us and we called him.

In spite of putting the lien on her house, the owner of
Carolina Garage Door said this wasn't a big issue.

"Well if it wasn't a whole lotta money for you you should've just refunded all of it, right?"

Later in the conversatin, 2WTK said, "I know you told us the sales guy made a mistake but then it snowballed from there because she was still gonna have to pay for all three doors and you put a lien on her house."

Call for Action did broker a deal. Leigh Ann pays  $780, the rest of the cost of the the two doors that fit properly
. Carolina Garage Door released the lien. But still she is stuck with a door with a 3 inch gap.

"I'm not happy and He knows he did me wrong."




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