MLK Father Finally Feels Safe To Take Child Outside After Police Initiative

6:35 PM, Nov 11, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC - Prostitutes, drug possession and public intoxication - those three crimes prompted Greensboro police to make the  MLK Corridor of downtown Greensboro part of a community watch. For two months, police double the resources in one neighborhood. Did it work?

Well a few months ago, James Sanders feared taking his newborn daughter outside -- because of bold drug dealers.

"Everywhere you go on Martin Luther King there was always someone. They were trying to sell even if you were just going to the store to get a bag chips," he said.

But since police stepped up patrols in August, he says his family feels safer.

"Now they don't know if you're a cop or undercover or just a regular person so it cut down on a lot of stuff," he said.

He's not alone. Everyone else we talked with in the area told 2 Wants To Know they also feel safer.

Police dedicated 2,999 man hours in a two-month period. On average 16 officers patrolled the area every day. That's double the normal number.

Officers made 154 arrests. That works out to be one every 19 hours of police work. Police wouldn't tell us how that compares to before August. But they did give total reported crime numbers. Those jumped by almost 25 percent during the initiative. Police say it makes sense: If you know police are nearby, you might be more apt to call.

Central Division Caption Joel Cranford says the reporting increase is a positive. "We're not going to change it overnight or not to change in 60 days but it is a good first step," he said. "I measure the success by hearing the community, hearing them say, 'Good job.'"

The crackdown's over, but police say they'll try to send extra officers through the area whenever possible.

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