2 Test: The Leaf Grabb'r

3:50 PM, Nov 8, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA, GA -- This week, the product being tested is something you can really use this time of year! It's called the Leaf Grabb'r, and the manufacturers say its supposed to make yard work easier!

Does it work?

Karyn Greer from our sister station WXIA put it to the test.

"Fun" typically isn't a word associated with chores.

But when Josh, Chris and Kaitlyn rake leaves, they know how to make it fun. They enjoy creating big piles and then jumping in them.

However, picking up leaves after jumping in the piles can be difficult. Josh usually gathers the leaves by hand, but this time he's going to use the Leaf Grabb'r.

The product goes over the user's hands, allowing them to grab a lot more leaves.

"They were comfortable on my hands, but when I moved my thumbs off they sort of got stuck," Josh says.

He decides that keeping his thumbs on the outside makes the Leaf Grabb'r easier to operate.

Kaitlyn thinks using the device is more fun than regular raking. It makes the task go faster, but it still comes with a disadvantage.

"Easy, comfortable, sort of -- except for bending the back," Josh says.

As Josh is only 10 years old and already complaining of back pain, the product may have even more of an impact on someone older.

Still, the crew like the Leaf Grabb'r overall and give it two thumbs up.

We found the Leaf Grabb'r on Bed Bath and Beyond's website for $7.99.


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