Placement Matters When It Comes To Fridge Thermometers

3:48 PM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Whipped cream on a frothy coffee drink is supposed to be cold. That's why a local restaurant lost points for not having a thermometer in the milk fridge. Chef Keith Gardiner talks proper thermometer placement in tonight's Restaurant Report Card lesson. Pay attention - this is a lesson we can use at home.

Keith says, "The placement is important. Usually towards the front of the fridge is best because if you're 41 degrees here, the back of the cooler is going to be naturally 41 degrees. If the door's ajar little, this is where the fridge will warm-up the first. A lot of people put their thermometers towards the back and that kind of gives them a false safety."

Keith says a lot of refrigerators now come with thermometers on the outside but the ambient temperature may be different in different spots inside depending on the air flow so the health department wants you want to have a thermometer inside the fridge or cooler as well.

"It's important to keep your coolers at 41 and below to keep bacteria growth to a minimum," says Keith.

Restaurants can lose up to one point for not having a thermometer in the fridge.

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