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Store Bought vs. Homemade Cleaners

6:57 PM, Nov 6, 2013   |    comments
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WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- From the used cups and utensils with people's germs,  to the splatters of food that is cooked or raw, our kitchens are messy places!

With so many of you wanting to save money and go green we thought we would test how home-made cleaners stack up against store bought cleaners. 

"We'll use the skin side because they will have the most bacteria, " says Dr. Jim Curran, of Wake Forest University's Biology Department.

To test the effectiveness of three all-purpose kitchen cleaners, one anti-bacterial, one labeled natural and one we made with vinegar and water.

We rubbed raw chicken on cutting boards and Dr. Curran took samples.

One petri dish measures general bacteria the other salmonella.

"Chicken sometimes has a lot of contamination, and sometimes doesn't have much. When you buy chicken it may be clean or not, there's no way to know."

Then we sprayed the cleaner, wiped the board down like you would at home and took another sample.

We did that for each of the three cleaners and then. all we could do was wait..

"If we have contamination in the chicken, and we may not,  I suspect all three of these will work. They may not work equally so we'll certainly find out."









 After 24 hours, nothing. Or almost nothing.
The most bacteria found on the cutting boards before we sprayed was three little specks. No salmonella.

That's what really surprised us in the 2 wants to know office.
We all thought all raw chicken was full of salmonella all the time.
That doesn't mean you should be slack in cleaning, by any means.

As for the cleaners, we will do another test for you.
But we thought you would find our trial, error and learning experience interesting





























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