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Make Your Own Rain Barrel

7:50 PM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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KERNERSVILLE, NC -- It's not often you think of water being recycled, but it can be if you have a rain barrel. 

Rain barrels can prevent storm runoff. help you save money on water bills, help you have a beautiful lawn even when there hasn't been a drop of rain in a while!

Buying a rain barrel can cost between $50 and $150. But you can actually make your own for less!

Tanya's mom  bought some pickle barrels for about $18.50 each and made them into rain barrels. Mom drove down to Aberdeen to pick up the barrels, but the company will deliver on the East Coast. You can look call Jacob at Francis Enterprises at 910-603-4074.

Here is Mom's design cheat sheet:

I spent approximately $125.00 for 7 barrels and an additional $30-40.00 (total) in supplies to set them up as rain barrels.  There are many "how to" sites to view on the Internet.  Look at a few and decide the best method for your area.  I found it best to join 2-3 barrels together.  The most expensive attachment was the spigot ($5).  I joined 2-3 barrels together with left over hose and PVC attachments at the base of the barrels.  I  bought 1" tubing at a salvage store to make an overflow outlet at the top of one barrel in the set.   You will need screening material to cover the top so mosquitoes won't get into the barrels.  If you already have a downspout, just cut it off close to the top of one barrel and add a flexible water director to the top.  You will also need a tube of silicone to seal the spigots. 


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