2WTK Puts Fire Safes To The Test

3:40 PM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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PLEASANT GARDEN, NC -- A home, on fire, is probably not the spot you would put your most valuable possessions.

But 2 Wants To Know did, so you could have peace of mind (and save money too!).

Monday at 11pm, a special 2 Test. We bought two Fire Safes. One was $19.98 the other $29.97. We put what you would put in there: paperwork, pictures, DVD's, etc.

To really put the safes to the test, we needed a real fire. The Pleasant Garden Fire Department was about to do a training fire and burn a house down. They were kind enough to put these two safes on the pallets over the fire.

2 Wants To Know had cameras outside and inside the burning house. See how the fire spreads from the inside out and if the safes are worth your money.



















































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