New Guilford County Schools Bus Policy Worked, Stop Arm Camera Didn't

3:40 PM, Oct 31, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. - Despite having cameras on the outside of some buses since 2011, Guilford County Schools still hasn't turned over to prosecutors a single video of a motorist running the bus stop arms.

In May, 2 Wants To Know uncovered the district hadn't formally trained drivers what to do with the video. The District put a new policy in place to fix that. But the first time that policy was used this month, the camera equipment failed.

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Guilford County Transportation Manager Jeff Harris couldn't talk with us on camera about this latest video issue. However, he sent an e-mail saying a bus driver reported someone running their stop sign but a "system malfunction prevented video recording."

Guilford County Schools says they are fixing the malfunctioning equipment. They also want to stress the outside cameras are part of larger set - which includes inside ones too. The school system says those inside devices have already paid for themselves - capturing issues with student behavior. But at this point, Guilford County Schools still hasn't turned over a single piece of video from the outside cameras. Those outside devices cost taxpayers $200 each. That's about $15,000 total for 75 buses.

We also reached out to Angel Trax, the camera manufacturer, to see why the camera malfunctioned. We wanted to know if it's an isolated problem. At this time they haven't returned our multiple requests for comment.

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