Don't Bite On The Verizon Voicemail Phishing Scheme

5:16 PM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- A call offering a discount, sounds good right? Wrong! Most of us can't live without our cellphones, and we'll pay more than we think we should for the plan. Recently several 2 Wants to Know viewers, with Verizon service, got calls offering discounts on their service. But Jennifer Felix thought it seemed too good to be true. So she asked 2 Wants to Know to check it out.

Jennifer says, "I didn't answer the call because I didn't recognize the 800 number so when I got to check the message it was very quick. It was something something dot com to get $284 off your bill at Verizon."

The actual message said "Go to Simply log into your account to retrieve your $284." We checked - the site is down now. And the 800 number left on her cell, when you call it - you get a talk line that claims you can speak with "America's hottest people"

People are posting questions about these calls on Verizon's website and Jennifer called the company right away. She says, "They said they are not doing any automated calls like that, it sounded automated, no automated calls they do not have that dot com address and they told me that no way do not call it, do not go to the website."

According to Verizon Support, the calls and the discount websites are a phishing scheme to get your personal information. Verizon says the sites ask for your secret question and your password - basically the keys to your account. And if you give it to them, the schemers could get access to much more.

Jennifer says, "You're done. They get all your information from your bank and everything."

A Verizon spokesperson told us they do prosecute aggressively. But they say it's hard to catch the con artists without specific call information. Here's what you need to write down.
Write the phone number... and the time you got the call.
Then  call Verizon customer service.
The number is 800-922-0204.


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