eBay sellers: Watch Out For PayPal Spoof Email

3:06 PM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- We tell you all the time - buyer beware. Now we have a new warning. Seller beware.

Con artists are targeting people who sell their stuff on eBay. The scheme is so good the head of our Call for Action volunteers - who has seen just about every scheme out there - said she would have easily fallen for it!

"What I've done is group them all together as one." Christmas is coming and Marie McCandless is hoping to sell her three music box on eBay. She's no stranger to how eBay works. This is about her 50th listing this year on the auction site. "I'm very proud that my feedback rating in 100%."

You can buy most of Marie's items "right now." Marie says, "I only use PayPal as a method of payment due to problems with money orders and checks."

When someone buys and pays, Marie gets an email from PayPal, saying the money is in her account. "This is one that I never really gave a second thought too.

Most sellers don't. Which is why the PayPal email scheme often works. It has two steps - first an email from the buyer saying they need expedited shipping. Second, an email that appears to come from PayPal, saying the money is in your account.

Marie says, "There's been times that I've listed items that were fairly pricey, and it would have been devastation not to have gotten the funds and shipped them off to the wrong person."

So Marie's adding a step to her sales process - and it's an easy fix for all sellers. Log into your PayPal account to make sure the money is there first...every single time. "I like consider myself consumer savvy but this just took my completely by surprise. I'm saying I could have been scammed very easily."

Usually we give you some other pointers or steps to take. This is pretty straightforward. Log into PayPal and don't be fooled by the buyer's "urgency" for your item.

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