The Giving Effect

3:30 PM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It is giving/serving week on 2WTK. We've given options and ideas and will continue to do so, but today we focus on the effect.

Nannette Funderburk of the SEL group is getting into our minds. Are there some people just wired this way?
"There really is something to say about nature vs. nurture. There are, of course, certain things to which each of us can be predisposed but in this situation I think our environment and what we have been taught by family, and what we have been taught by life, is what wins out."

So even if we don't have a servant's heart, doesn't mean we can't develop one. Is there something about serving others that makes us feel better, lifts our mood?

"Many of us do appreciate seeing other people doing well and we feel even better when we are the cause of someone else's happiness. For this population of people giving means doing something that we perceive as right and we are gratified by that."

Before you say, "I have nothing to give, no money, no time." Know that a kind word and a smile can go a long way!

"When a person thinks they don't have anything to give, they usually don't. This exacerbates their own self-limiting beliefs. It is sometimes possible to elevate mood when giving, but what does the act of giving mean to the individual?? The internalized meaning of giving will determine whether giving truly makes a person feel better."









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