2Test: Now That's A Good Egg!

5:15 PM, Oct 11, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- This 2Test comes in two parts. First, can you leave eggs out or do they need to be refrigerated?

Randy Bettini from Bettini Farms gave 2WTK an up close view of a day on the farm.

"There's eighteen here, " Randy says on this particular morning in the chicken coop.

"Eggs are very delicate even though they seem to be very tough and rough but they need to be handled very delicately and to be put into refrigeration. Refrigeration is key to keeping eggs fresh whether you get is directly from the farm or you get  from your local grocery store."

Randy says what he has seen is in about ten or fifteen minutes the inside of the egg is going to start warming up  and once it starts warming up it just goes bad very quickly.

"You may let it sit out for an hour and hour and a half not a good idea."

Randy says a good old fashion way of detecting a good egg from a bad egg is hold it in your fingers on a bright sunny or with a bright flash light of some sort and you can actually see through the egg which is an indicator that, that is a good fresh egg.

The other egg test was put to the 2Test live on 2WTK at 5:30pm Friday.

Get a clear glass bowl and fill it with water. If your egg is on the bottom, it is good. If your egg is bad, it floats. If your egg stands on its point, it is still good but needs to be used soon.

Here's why the test works. Egg shells are porous, so overtime the liquid in the egg evaporates and it replaced by outside air. The egg than weighs a lot less with air in it than liquid...so it floats.

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