When Cleaning In A Restaurant Is Not A Good Thing

6:09 PM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- At your favorite sit-down restaurant, it's calm where you are out in the dining room. Behind the kitchen door though, cooks and servers are hurrying around preparing your food. Sometimes workers aren't careful with the spray chemicals they use to clean.

Chef and GTCC instructor Keith Gardiner said, "A lot of times they sit it down just for a second and forget about it. But that's all it takes if someone goes and grabs it, grabs the handle by mistake, it squirts on to here and then whenever anybody handles these they're getting that chemical on their hands and could contaminate the food."

"If stuff gets contaminated, you should probably throw it out but you never know. If someone knew it got on items, they probably would especially if it's a small amount of items. It's not worth taking that risk."

Gardiner goes on to explain, "But if they didn't know, that's when you run into an even bigger problem. If it squirted by mistake and you didn't see it or if someone knocked it over, and they picked it up and moved on because they were busy, and then someone else came along and grabbed it? That's when problems happen."

"It's usually not negligence. It's an oversight."

To keep everyone safe, state law says all cleaning chemicals need to be in a separate, locked area. Gardiner said that way everyone knows if they need something to clean, they go into the room and get the squirt bottle, clean and sanitize their station and put the stuff back.

Gardiner said, "You just eliminate that chance of something happening. Every little step you can take to eliminate a risk, is better for the consumers."

Restaurants can lose up to two points for not properly storing those chemicals.

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