No Petting Zoo At The Fair, Just A Feeding Zoo

8:36 AM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- The food, the rides, the games, the concerts, the animals. It's all at the fair, but at least one of those attractions is changed.

The petting zoo is more like a feeding zoo. There is no petting of animals, no contact with animals. It's a safety thing, but really it is a money thing.

Most petting zoo owners and operators can't get liability insurance to cover what COULD happen.

Part of the reason why started in NC last year at the Cleveland County fair.  Hundreds of people got sick, several children hospitalized and a 2 year old dead.

All after an e-coli outbreak that reportedly started at the fair petting zoo. Reports say the fair's hand washing station at the fair was out of soap so people couldn't wash their hands properly after petting the animals.

The ripple effect means petting and directly feeding the animals is no longer an option at many fairs, including the Dixie Classic and the NC State Fair.

Dennis Cook is the owner of the pettings zoo at the Dixie Classic fair and raises all the petting zoo animals. He talked about the issue and what his company is doing to give you the up close experience you're going after

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