2Test: Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

5:30 PM, Oct 4, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: VIO700 Testing 2010

Winston-Salem, NC -- Just think about the stuff on your phone. Not the apps, the germs! The Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer claims a cell phone has more germs than a toilet seat.

Which is why their product is on the shelves. The Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer promises to eliminate 99% of germs and bacteria on your phone and other small devices.

2WTK took the UV Cell Phone Sanitizer to the lab at Wake Forest University. Biology Professor Dr. Jim Curran set up petri dishes, swabs and an incubator for us.

"I suspect we are all going to find an extensive amount of germs on our phones."

The directions are simple: put your device in the UV chamber to start sanitizing,  the pulsing blue glow lets you know when it's working and in under 5 minutes the UV light shuts off and your device is sanitized. Don't forget the three AA batteries.

Dr. Curran tested three phones. Each phone is swabbed, transporting whatever germs are there to a petri dish labeled "before".

Then each phone is put into the sanitizer, and each time the blue light goes off in 3 and a half minutes.

Dr. Curran swabs the phones again, transporting whatever germs are left to the petri dish labeled "after".

Then we wait 24 hours to see what grows and what doesn't.

"I bet the ultraviolet light will kill a lot of them, I  just don't know how effective this light is, but ultraviolet light is generally an effective means of killing bacteria."

A day later, the results are in.
Phone 1 "before" shows the germs dot the petri dish and "after" only a few are left.
Phone 2 "before"  is yucky looking. The petri dish is covered and "after", yipes! It almost looks worse.
Phone 3 "before" there were only a few specks and "after" it is  clean!

When 2WTK contacted the manufacturer about the test results, they sent this statement.

"During development, we have all of our sanitizers tested several times in independent, internationally recognized laboratories before we make any claims. Attached are lab reports for the UV Cell Phone Sanitizer which show greater than 99% effectiveness on the organisms tested."












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