Another Complaint Against Amazing Grace Locksmiths & Thomas Hayes

5:17 PM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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Guilford County, NC -- The last time 2WTK saw Thomas Hayes in person, it's because we waited outside his house in May.

Guilford County Deputies had been looking for him to serve warrants on fraud charges. 2WTK found him and called deputies. We tracked him down because a 2 Wants To Know viewer paid him for locksmith services and after seven months he still hadn't delivered. We got the viewer their money back.

Now, in October, another viewer is in the same predicament. Betty Swaim locked herself out of her house one day in August. And that's where her story begins with Thomas Hayes and Amazing Grace Locksmiths.

"The first locksmith I come to in the phone book was Amazing Grace and I said, 'why that's a neat name'.  I  thought here's a good Christian man, that's what I thought."

Betty says Thomas Hayes of Amazing Grace Locksmiths showed up, did the work and she paid him.  And then, "my dead bolt stopped working, so I called him and he said I'll swing by."

Betty says Hayes told her she needed both door locks replaced. He said he would get the parts and wrote up this work order for $246.

"I had the check written out to Amazing Grace and and he said 'I wished you hadn't written it out I need it made out to me. ' If you could make it out to me I could go ahead and get the parts and then it doesn't have to make it through the company books."

She wrote the check to Thomas Hayes August 12th. He said, if you'll pay me I'll do it on Friday.

She hasn't seen him since. She wrote down every time she called him in the last month and a half.

She even drove to his business address to track him down but the address on the card is a UPS store front.

2 wants to know got Thomas Hayes on the phone. He told us he would finish the work by this week.

But Betty doesn't want him on her property. She just wants her money back. 
"He thought I couldn't do anything about it, but he didn't know he was doing it to the wrong woman."

2WTK called Hayes back, but before we could get Betty's request to him, he said he was in a family meeting and hung up.

We called his lawyer as well because the last time this happened, it was the lawyer who had the refund check (which bounced) and ultimately the cash for the viewer.

As of news time of October 2nd, 2WTK hadn't heard back from either Hayes or his lawyer.













































































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