Good Eating Habits....At School!

5:18 PM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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 Greensboro, NC -- The Chef & Child Initiative puts professionals and picky eaters together! The idea is to teach kids about healthy eating and show them how it can taste good.

Tuesday, the part of the program "Chefs Moved To Schools" kicked off around the nation. We found an event at Irving Park Elementary.

"We had stations and were able to reach six-hundred kids talking about the importance of getting five fruits and vegetables a day," says GTCC Culinary Department's Keith Gardner.

"People love to eat, feed them and they will come and we want to teach them to eat healthy."

The Chef & Child Initiative also has an on-line component. Every month there is a featured item. The website shows how to use it in recipes, make it kid friendly and even has ideas for activities you can do at home or at school.

While the Chef spent the morning at Irving Park, that is a one day event. The school also has installed twenty-eight raised beds. The kids to get their hands dirty getting out and learning all kinds of lessons and just generally have fun with it.

"They don't understand that food doesn't grow in the supermarket it actually grows in the soil by hard working farmers or someone who grows it and its important that they understand that." The students planted beets, brussels sprouts, kale.

"Its so important to have connections like this at the school and have partnerships and have gardens in schools and chefs coming in and teaching kids how to grow the food how to cook the food and to eat healthy and if we can get them to grow that habits now we can change the health of the whole nation."












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