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2 Test: Scizza

5:33 PM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Pizza: eat in, delivery, carry out or from your oven. It all has one thing in common, it needs to be sliced before eating!

"Scizza" claims to "perfectly slice any pizza on any surface". The directions are slide, slice and serve 

2WTK put the "Scizza" to the 2 Test at the Mario's Pizza location on New Garden Road.

While Tony made the pizzas, Darrell Coltrane cut them. With his regular pizza cutter, he can slice a pizza in 4 seconds. That is not a typo.

Darrell put the "Scizza" to the test. The "Scizza" is basically scissors with a rubber slide bottom to get under the pizza.

It certainly cut through the dough and cheese, but Darrell had a hard time with the product when he tried to cut the pizzas ready for delivery in the box.

Darrell says for commercial use, it's not up to what he needs. But he said it is a great idea for people with kids who want to cut the pizza in bite sized pieces.

"A whole lot better than a knife and fork. I have moms come into the restaurant with scissors. This would really do the trick. And at home, you got your 12 year old kid who pops his frozen pizza in the oven. This is a lot safer than having a pizza cutter."

The "Scizza" is less than $20 online.














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