Kids Want To Know: How Does The Wind Blow?

5:19 PM, Sep 20, 2013   |    comments
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Courtesy: Getty Images

Oak Ridge, NC -- Its a family affair for this Kids Want To Know question.

Eric Chilton's youngest son Tyler asked the question, "How does the wind blow?".  He gets the giggles at the end when his little sister Drew laughs. We love family videos and what we learn from Kids Want To Know Questions.

Roger Joyner from the Greensboro Science Center answered Tyler's question using balloons and a lighter!

"It all has to do with heating and air pressure. We all know that whenever you heat air, it rises." 

Holding his show and tell items, Joyner says, "If I hold my hand up here, I can feel the hot air, because the flame heats the air and it rises. And if I were to create enough of it, I would have a high pressure and thats what happens here on earth."

Joyner goes on to explain there are parts of the earth that are hotter, parts of the earth that are cooler. Those places that are hotter, the air rises and creates a dome of high pressure. Where its cooler, the air sinks and the pressure becomes lower.

They're going to try to equalize. While blowing up the balloon, Joyner adds, "I have now created a high pressure. Outside the balloon is a low pressure. So if I now let it go, you would be able to feel the wind. And that is what is happening here on earth. "

Wind is simply air traveling from high pressure areas to low pressure areas.

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