2Test: The InstaBulb. No Wiring Or Outlet Needed

3:22 PM, Sep 20, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It's energy week on 2WTK and so our 2Test product is an item that promises light, even during a power outage.

The InstaBulb claims to need no outlet and no wiring. The box says you just peel off the cover of the 3M sticky pad and stick it to the wall. The bulb is what they call "advanced Krypton technology". It is cool to the touch and is shatterproof.

The product is billed as being perfect for closets, sheds, RVs, camping, power outages, etc. Each bulb works on 4 AA batteries.

To see if it really gives out enough light to allow you to see anything in a dark closet and if it stays on the wall with simply the peel and stick method, we found a dark closet in the WFMY News 2 building.

The closet was so dark, we asked the Greensboro Fire Dept. to show it through their thermal imagine camera. There was no light in that closet until we switched on the InstaBulb. Sure enough, you could see decently well in the closet.

What's cool about the InstaBulb design, the bulb is on a base that slides into the part on the wall. So you can carry the bulb around with you for those dark corners in the closet or shed that a stationary bulb wouldn't light up.

InstaBulb passes the 2Test. We bought ours at Walmart. Two bulbs come in a box for $10.88.


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