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The IRS Is Looking For Academy Eye Dr.

5:18 PM, Sep 19, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It's one thing to have patients after you for their refund money. It's another to have 2 Wants To Know tracking you down. And really, it is a whole different animal when the IRS wants you. 

In the last week, The Internal Revenue Service filed another tax lien against Academy Eye and Dr. Danford Raynor. 
If the doctor's name and office  sound familiar to you they should.
2 Wants To Know Call for Action has solved or are working to solve more than a dozen cases where patients paid for glasses or contacts, received nothing, and waited weeks and sometimes months for refunds.

So far we've helped get patients $2,700 back. The IRS wants their money too.

This week, the IRS filed a tax lien on the Thomasville office location. Already, the IRS has filed liens at Randleman and Biscoe. The total, for all the liens, is tallying up to more than $195,000.

This is just part of Dr. Raynor's money issues. Within the last week  deputies tracked down Dr. raynor and served him with a civil summons. A company called OOGP Inc. sells eye care products. They filed a suit for collections on their account.

This isn't the first civil suit. 2WTK went digging around and found a judge ordered Dr. Raynor to pay $258,000. So far he has paid back almost half $112,141.

Dr. Raynor's office in Biscoe says he is changing banks and a few of the patient refund checks have bounced. If you got a refund from the Biscoe office, and it bounced, call the office for your money order 704-983-2431

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