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Don't Let Your Family & Friends Wonder. Use An I'm Safe App

3:44 PM, Sep 17, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- As we watched the Navy Yard shooting unfold, members of  2WTK were struck by the worry and the wait from family and friends. They hadn't heard from their loved ones.

We wondered if there was a solution for the slow communication.
Without trying to sound cliche, "there is an app for that"
or a couple of them.

2WTK showcased two apps: The Red Cross Tornado App and the Help I'm OK App. Both are free.

The Red Cross Tornado App helps you prepare, gives you alerts, but it also has the "I'm Safe" feature.  Y
ou type in your "I'm Safe" message. You make a list of the 5 or so people you want it to go to and then you can send a text, email, facebook message or a tweet.

It's a way to alert those who need to know in a hurry. The Red Cross has this for tornadoes, earthquakes,wildfires and hurricanes. We asked our local chapter why there wasn't an app for any and all generic emergencies. We'll see!


The next app is "Help I'm OK". It allows you to take a picture and then send it to your short list of emergency contacts. You can also link this to text, email and facebook. 

During the initial set up  you do have to give these apps permission to use facebook and such.

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