Emergency Exits: It's A Surprise 2WTK Office Visit

5:13 PM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- We know to prepare for an emergency at home. But what about having a plan when we're shopping, at a restaurant, traveling or even at work?

2WTK walked the halls of the Self Help building and made surprise visits to whichever offices were open. The first question, do you know how to exit the building if there was an emergency like a fire?

We knocked on doors on floors 5 and 8 and came up three for three. Each person we asked not only was able to identify the way out, but the plan in place and the fact the property management held fire drills on a consistent basis.

Property Manager Michael Schieftan says regular fire drills are necessary and "its exciting they know what to do and that it is a natural reaction."

Greensboro Fire Assistant Fire Marshal Kevin Pettigrew says most people know what to do at work. It's when they let their guard down while shopping, eating out or traveling that they need to pay attention to.

His first suggestion: do what they tell you to do every time you fly, find the nearest exit. When you go into a store or restaurant be cognizant of where you are in relation to an exit. And know another exit besides the door you came in.

And when you're staying in an unfamiliar place--hotel or family member's home--- walk the escape route just so you are familiar.


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