Why The Health Department Says Wrap It Or Zip It

5:28 PM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Inspectors have docked a restaurant for keeping several bags of sugar and a bag of bread crumbs in open, unsealed bags. A warning now --- this Restaurant Report Card lesson is going to make you say eeeewwwww because G-T-C-C instructor Chef Keith Gardiner reminds us we're not the only ones who like to eat sugar.

Keith says, "What you're supposed to do if you have a bag or box either seal the whole box or inside here you could re-wrap the bag and put it back down in. Zip lock bags work great if it's a small amount.

He says the purpose is to keep pests out. "A rodent is going to get in a bag if it wants to but mostly bugs and especially flour and grains things like that. In this area - weevils. And other moths that will get in things like that.

Keith goes on to say, "And they hatch their larvae and start to come out so they actually put them in here so they have something to eat once they hatch."

If you haven't seen bugs in your dry goods before, Keith says you really can't miss them. "I actually got a box of rice in from a vendor and it was wild rice and something they weren't a lot and I told them there's bug in it and I told them and they said no it's just specks and I said, no they're moving."

Keith also says restaurants should label the plastic bags "so everybody knows so there's no confusion cause rice is rice but there could be allergies and stuff. For example, rice can look like orzo."

For us at home, Keith recommends we store our flour and nuts in the freezer like he does.

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