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The Home Emergency Kit: What You Really Need

5:11 PM, Sep 10, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It happens. The snow, ice or wind bring the power outages. North Carolina has seen its share in years past.

We all know we SHOULD have a home emergency kit. But when you look at all the items involved, it seems overwhelming to put all of that together at once.

Susan Smith, A Red Cross Regional Disaster & Program Officer, has seen what people are missing most when a disaster or emergency strikes.

Tuesday, Smith brought a Red Cross Home Emergency Kit with her to 2WTK. Check out the Red Cross Home Emergency Kit List.

She says what she notices at every emergency/disaster: no documentation. Without proof of a photo ID, home insurance, medical info, it can make getting help extra difficult. Susan recommends having copies off all that and needed phone numbers. The key point here, is to send those copies to someone far away from you. If you give them to your family down the street, they too may be dealing with the flooded out house that you are!

When it comes to surviving without power for days or a week or more, Susan says what she saw people having issue with was water, easy to prepare food and vital medications. She suggests having extra meds just in case. And don't forget the battery powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries.

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