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Danger In The Restaurant Ice Machine

5:11 PM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- In most cases when you order food, you order a drink. But if the restaurant doesn't keep the ice machine clean, it could make you sick. GTCC Culinary instructor Keith Gardiner says because they are a moist environment, they're prone to develop mold.

"It's actually a pink slime kind of mold that develops  A lot of times mold is not disease causing but if you're allergic to mold or something you could get a little sick from it."

Gardiner says, "It's not an indication the place is dirty or anything but it over time shows they may need to clean it a little more often."

Gardiner says the health department recommends cleaning the ice machine once a month. "At the hinge area of the lid is where mold starts to build and you can't get at it when its full of ice so you have to drain it and totally clean it. The problem with not draining it or emptying it when you clean it is part of that could fall down into the ice."

Restaurants can lose up to three points for not keeping the ice machine slime free.

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