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Parents Schooled In How To Teach Their Teens To Drive

12:59 PM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Yes, it's the teenagers who don't know how to drive. But it's the parents who don't know how to teach the teenagers how to drive!

Enter in a program called Teen Driving Solution. A two-day course for teenagers and their parents.

While teenage drivers are in the classroom, and behind the wheel with instructors, parents are led by a master licensed relationship and communication expert on effective ways to teach their teen and lead by example.

The program's creator, Daniel Wagner, got into a car with 2WTK to show some of the techniques.

First he says, parents need to do their own homework. Figure out where you will go on each drive. Don't leave that to chance too. And decide with your kids what words you will use. For instance, WHOA isn't as descriptive as you might think. It could mean slow down, it could mean stop. And Daniel says in some instances, WHOA can be mistaken for GO!

The course teaches parents an argument in the car should never happen. Daniel says if there is an argument over how the driving or instructing is taking place, you should pull into a parking lot and talk it out, then get back on the road.

And lastly, Daniel says a parents #1 mistake is showing their child poor driving habits for 16 years and then expecting their student driver to do everything by the book!

The next classes are August 31-September 1 and October  12-13. They are held at the Virginia International Raceway, a nationally-ranked, multi-purpose road racing facility in Alton, Va.

TDSS's Teen New Drivers Advanced Training course is limited to 24 students for each scheduled course to better provide intimate, impactful education. Two-day class registration starts at $595, including both parent and teen participation. To learn more or to register for a class, visit:

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