How Guilford Co. Schools Is Protecting Student Issued Tablets

5:11 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Students in 18 Guilford County Middle Schools got a school-issued tablet. No, your tax dollars didn't pay for them. The district got them as part of a multi-million dollar grant to promote a personalized teaching and learning program.

It's pretty cool. And scary to some too. Linda Stratton of Greensboro writes:
I would like to know how Guilford County Schools plans to keep the parents from hocking the new tablets some middle schoolers are getting this year. Do they plan to engrave "Guilford County Schools" on them? Number them? Hackers are really good these days. Is there a plan????? 

2WTK went to the executive director of instructional technology at GCS for answers. Jake Henry says the tablets are not engraved.  Instead, each one has a serial number and can be tracked by the district.


So if it is lost or stolen, the district can figure out where it is.
How does that keep someone from stealing or selling it?
It doesn't. But there is another safeguard.

"They're not useful to someone on the street. And what we mean by that is you can't load apps to these tablets. Unlike the tablets used in a commercial market they can't be reprovisioned or have everything wiped off of it and rebuilt it for their purposes."

If a tablet is lost or stolen the district will  lock it and wipe it, it becomes useless to anyone on the street who might have their hands on it.

Guilford County made an effort to let pawn shops and police in the area know about the tablets and what they look like, just in case.

When it comes to how students will be able to use the tablets in class and at home, check out our WEB EXTRA attached. .


















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