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2WTK Call For Action Gets Viewers $2,294 In Refunds

5:48 PM, Aug 26, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- 2 Wants To Know Call For Action is all about getting results.

The result for Ella is $139. Betty Joe is showing off her $412.
And the Lamonds family now has a check for $75.

All of them bought contacts or glasses from Academy Eye. They all waited for weeks or months and months and never got the goods. Call for Action got their money back for these three viewers and another 5 patients. The total, $2,294.30.  

Academy Eye and Doctor Danford Raynor have been on our radar since May. Patients from Randleman, Asheboro, and Biscoe called to complain they weren't getting the glasses and contacts they paid for.

At the time, Dr. Raynor said he was switching billing management companies and a few people slipped through the cracks. But at last count, we have eight cases solved and several more we are working on.

2 Wants To Know called the Optometry Board.
They are investigating complaints against Dr. Raynor and promised us a detailed letter of how the complaints are addressed and solved. We'll stay on it.

Here's something else these patients and really all of us need to be aware of.  If you go to the doctor you pay part of the bill and the insurance pays part of the bill.
   But if you don't get the service you paid for,  in this case glasses, you need to make sure you get your refund and your insurance gets their refund. 

This is important. If you don't call your insurance company and let them know a refund is due them it could come back to haunt you!  When you go to buy glasses from the next place you might find your insurance coverage is used up by the first order.
So follow up with your insurance to make sure you don't pay full price later.


























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