Kids Want To Know: Who Invented The Doughnut?

5:11 PM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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Kernersville, NC -- Jaden from Kernersville asked a sweet question. And 2WTK was more than happy to find the answer and of course get "into" the story!

Jaden asked, "Who invented the doughnut?". To get the answer, we went to the home of the doughnut in the Triad, Krispy Kreme.

Brody Bowen is the manager of the Silas Creek Parkway location. Here is what he had to say.

"Well the history of the doughnut actually comes from Danish settlers. They came here to America. They actually had what they called fried cakes. It was a cake that actually had a nut embedded into the center of it. " Hence the word: doughnut. It was dough with a nut in the center!

"When it came over here to America, we then took the word and incorporated dough and nut to go along with that treat. Between the 30's and 50's is when it really started becoming a popular treat here in America."

Krispy Kreme  took the process of a hand-rolled individually cut doughnut and turned it into an automated process.

It starts with our proprietary mix that we actually manufacture in Winston-Salem dry yeast component, and water.

We put all of that into our mixer, mix it, load it up all of that into our machine, start cutting the doughnuts from there, and then about 33 minutes later the doughnuts are going to rise and then hit our shortening where they cook, and fry, then we bring them through our glazing process and then after that we bring around and either serve them to the customer, or we take them back to the back and start doing other fun stuff to them, like adding icings and fillings.

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