How To Choose An Activity/Sport For Your Child

5:28 PM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- 'Tis the season for signing up for activities and sports. Piedmont Parent's Shannon Koontz is putting in her two cents of how to decide which activity is right.  

How do you know which sport is right for your kid?

First of all, it's important to involve your kids in sports even if they are not natural athletes. Exercise is good... not just for the body but for the brain. It boosts memory, relieves stress, and even helps with conditions like ADHD.

With that said you want to choose sports that reflect your child's interest. If they haven't naturally gravitated to a sport, a fun sports camp might give them a taste of what's out there.  Or you can help by researching sports available in your area --- maybe it's something less-traditional like roller derby or archery.

What are reasonable expectations for the time commitment?

There's no magic formula -- each child might be different. Look for signs that they are overstressed. And ask yourself if they are still getting in family time and free play time. If the sports and school combination is draining them, maybe it's something else that needs to give, like TV watching during the week.

What about when they want to quit?

Find out why. Maybe there's an issue with a particular coach or league.  Your child participates because he loves the sport, but maybe the league is more competitive than what he's ready for. And make sure YOU are not the problem. Ask yourself if you've been putting too much pressure on your child to excel in that sport. Many parents have an issue with subconsciously wanting to live vicariously through their child. Talk it through and find out the problem first. The goal is a happy, well-rounded child.

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