It's Not Just How You Sanitize, It's When

11:08 PM, Aug 15, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- When you think of eating out, you think of the meal. How it tastes, how it looks.

But sanitizing is what inspectors are thinking about. GTCC's Keith Gardner of the Culinary School is our expert on all things food related. For this Restaurant Report Card lesson he tackles when restaurants should sanitize for maximum health benefits.

Lets say the workers didn't clean and sanitize the seafood sink before they left the restaurant after closing. "Bacteria from the seafood was allowed to sit at room temperature or in the danger zone so the bacteria that would have grown from the seafood in the sink would have grown exponentially."

"It really should have been cleaned and sanitized before they leave and then again before they start clean and sanitize it again the next morning."

Here's the danger Keith says, "If you don't do it the night before and someone was in a hurry and a truck of seafood came in and you're in a hurry and you use that sink, that's where you run into problems. If it was cleaned and sanitized the night before and you didn't clean and sanitize it in the morning you run less risk. And that's the whole thing, you want to reduce the risk.

Whether in a restaurant or at home, the more you clean and sanitize just like the more you wash your hands at home the better off you are.







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