Exclusive: Paperwork Mistake Allowed 17th DWI

5:24 PM, Aug 13, 2013   |    comments
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ASHEVILLE, NC -- 2 Wants To Know has been digging into the history of the North Carolina man who just pleaded guilty to his 17th DWI. Now we have discovered a clerical error made by prosecutors. If this error had not happened, it's likely Ronnie Dodd would've been behind bars instead of out on the road at the time of his latest arrest.

Back in 2012, Dodd was convicted of a DWI level 2 and sentenced to the maximum 12 months. Based off of his prior convictions, we now know that charge should of been a tougher level 1 - which carries of maximum sentence of 24 months. Under the tougher charge, Dodd could have been locked up through 2014 - meaning that arrest in January 2013 wouldn't have happened.

After we found the error with Dodd's 16th DWI conviction, 2 Wants To Know contacted the DA who now says it was a mistake. The Buncombe County D-A Ronald Moore says prosecutors accidentally miscounted the number of prior D-W-I's which applied to this conviction. He thinks that's because all the right records weren't in the file at the time. Turns out Dodd had two different driver's licenses numbers and his middle name was spelled differently from one document to another.

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