Gypsies & A Pressure Washing Scheme

5:16 PM, Aug 13, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- I-85, I-40- I-95.
Those are just the biggies.
There are plenty of ways to get around this state.
Which is why a string of schemes in Kannapolis caught our eye.

Here's why we believe there is a really good chance you'll see Kenneth Mitchell and his family.
When police arrested Mitchell, his son told police they were gypsies. Police found they have connections in Wisconsin, New York and South Carolina.


The gist of this gypsy story, Kannapolis police say they drive around neighborhoods looking for people working in the yard.
They offer to pressure clean the house with a special cleaning fluid for just $300.

"They spend a couple of hours cleaning the house and then they come to the victim and tell them they used more of the special cleaner than what they thought, " says Sgt. Justin Smith of the Kannapolis PD. "This cleaner is nothing more than low grade bleach and the price that was agreed upon has now doubled or tripled in some cases to a thousand dollars."

Usually, police get a call after the workers are gone and the money is too. But one man realized something was off and before the workers came back he called police and they were waiting for the men.

Sgt. Smith says police got lucky, and so did you!
Now you at least have a face to put with this story.
But he says schemers come in all shapes and sizes.

"Know your neighbors. It's okay to go over if you see someone doing work at the house and inquire what's going on. You may be able to prevent them from losing the $800 they saved up for Christmas presents that year you never know."

Remember, it's always a red flag if you haven't asked for an estimate and someone is simply riding around your neighborhood offering to do work for you. This comes in all forms, from pressure cleaning to driveway paving to roofing and gutter cleaning.












And second, get estimates in writing. A gentlemen's agreement is a red flag too because really you have no idea who you are doing business with.








































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