It's Off, But Someone Could Still Be Watching

6:12 PM, Aug 8, 2013   |    comments
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Technology is great... With a few simple plugs, you can talk to family and friends at a distance or half way around the world! When you're done, you unplug. But someone could still be watching you! Josh Yavor, Security Engineer with iSEC Partners said, "With a little bit of extra code, we can turn the camera on in your browser. And while this is evident to you right here because we've designed it that way, this is something we can do invisibly and actually have the camera running behind the webpage that you're looking at." 

That means someone could be watching you in your home from anywhere around the world.

Aaron Grattafiori, Principal Security Consultant with iSEC Partners, said, "The kind of scary thing about it is that it doesn't actually give any indication that the camera is on and there is no little LED that shows up when the camera is on. So we could actually be watching you, and you'd never even know."

The fix is actually fairly low-tech. Yavor said, "Just cover up the camera. Put a little Post-it note over it or a piece of tape, and next time you want to Skype with your family, just take it off." The tape trick also works with laptops and webcams.

Yavor also said the real danger is when people start using smart TVs for things like online banking. Hackers can translate a bank address into a different IP address to a site they control. He said it would look like your bank's login, but you're actually entering your username and password that goes to the hacker instead of your bank.


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