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Sticky Conversations With Your Co-Workers

2:16 PM, Aug 8, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- They're the conversations most people don't have with their co-workers: messy desks, sharing too much personal information, how their bad attitude rubs off on you. listed what they thought were the top 10 things your co-worker won't tell you about.

2WTK chose a few from the list and had Smartin-up Etiquette expert Sindy Martin help us navigate the issues.


Loud conversations that have way too much information discussed can really stress people out. I think people forget they are in a cube and can be heard by everyone. It is perfectly ok to remind someone gently that their conversation can be heard by all those that sit near them. Sindy suggested noting the need for the information to be shared and suggesting a time when everyone can really give their full attention to the issue.


There was a guy I worked with that spit his tobacco juice in empty Coke cans. He kept the Coke cans in a box in his office and it really smelled bad. We told the janitor to take them to the dumpster. When he came in the next morning he asked where they went. His office mate told him the janitor said they stunk and were a health hazard, so he threw them away.

One of the colleges I was doing a program with had a lady that had a desk filled with paper, old half full soda cups, food and wrappers everywhere. I inquired about it and was told that everyone was afraid to say anything because she was the office bully. I told them about the janitor trick.


Bad attitudes are the worst. Especially if it is a supervisor that takes it out on their workers. Again, there are ways to gently remind people by asking some simple polite questions of the person. Sindy says always leave the person with a positive thought or comment.

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