Dirty, Rusty Shelves a Health Hazard in Restaurants

3:35 PM, Aug 1, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- When we talk restaurant inspections, we often talk about problems with the food - it's not hot enough, there are bugs. But where restaurants store the food on is just as important. Chef Keith Gardiner of GTCC's Culinary Technology Department explains.

"Whatever is on the shelf is going to get on whatever container I pick up, then I set that on the table. Then it's on the table and it gets on the food so cleaning the shelves is very important."

Keith says, "Rusty shelves can actually be more of a danger. The surface of the rust can harbor more bacteria and that can fall into food. And that fallen piece of rust can also be a physical hazard."

"Here at GTCC we use a plastic shelf and the nice thing about it is the whole shelf comes off, and we can run it through the dishwasher very easily. And the metal is actually coated as well so there's less chance of rust."

Restaurants can lose up to one point for dirty shelves and up to two points for rusty ones.

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