Tech & Tax Free: Don't Be Surprised At The Register

6:21 PM, Jul 31, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- For people who live in North Carolina, if you haven't heard.. this is probably the last tax-free holiday weekend.

The biggest savings come on those big ticket items, but there are exceptions to everything.
Justin Tisdale from Best Buy is breaking down the tech items on and off the list.

"You know computers $3500 and less are tax exempt. And a computer is defined as a central processing unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers."

Which means if you go into the store and just want to buy a mouse, monitor, keyboard or speakers, you will be paying tax.  

"What is tax free though are the other extras you need for the computer like ink cartridges, paper, computer storage, and computer printers under $250 each."

Yes, you make calls on your smartphone, but chances are you use the internet more than you talk. Even though it's a computer, smartphones are not included in tax free weekend.

"But e-readers with internet access, email or apps are included. Your basic e-reader isn't, but the ones that work more like a computer are included."

To see more of what is included and what's not, take a look at the tax-free holiday list.

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