2 Wants To Know Asked Duke Energy About The Deposit Charges

6:18 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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Courtesy: WBTV

Undated -- Recently the Call for Action team has gotten several phone calls asking the same question. 'What's this new charge on my Duke Energy bill?' Each person said they're being asked to pay a deposit, even though they've been in their homes for a while. They're not moving. Not connecting new service. So why the deposit?

We contacted Duke Energy for answers. In an email, Duke spokesperson Kristina Hill explained that the North Carolina Utilities Commission rules let Duke Energy charge deposits to existing customers in North Carolina who receive at least three non-pay disconnect notices in a 12-month period. She said the deposit amount is equal to two-twelfths of the bill. 

So why are these charges showing up on bills now? In October 2012, Duke Energy automated their process. That means deposits now get calculated and added to the bill automatically once a customer receives their third disconnect notice in 12 months. People with delinquent accounts get notices in the mail before deposits get added to their accounts. 

There's good news for people who can get their acts together. All deposits are returned to customers, with interest, once they establish satisfactory payment records. That means they don't have more than two late payments in a 12-month period.

You can learn more about the deposit rules and regulations of the North Carolina Utilities Commission by click here.

Duke Energy customers can also learn more about billing and payment options by clicking here

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