Pet Insurance. Is it Worth It?

5:28 PM, Jul 24, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC --  Brassfield Animal Hospital says about 30 four legged friends are covered that's only about 1% of the animals they see.

Veterinarian Ralph Yerex says he's seen it save lives.

"If people don't have any money, they still get care. But pets, if an owner can't afford the care, there's no safety net, no one to step in and pay for it."

Pet insurance is just like your medical insurance and Dr. Yerex says you should think about these points:

Your premiums can range from $10 to $90 a month.You will have deductibles and co-pays. some policies don't cover pre-existing conditions. Some exclude common problems for some breeds. You find caps on payouts.          

Ye recommends VPI and Tru-panion to his pet parents, but Dr. Yerex says do have to do homework on the plans.

Read the fine print and be aware what buying. Consumer Reports agrees and here's what they found when they crunched the numbers:

*if your pet stays relatively healthy, the premiums equal anything you might have saved

*if your pet does have a chronic condition, the magazine said the insurance might be worth it.


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