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Tired Of Waiting, Can You Charge Your Doctor?

5:17 PM, Jul 18, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Hurry up and wait. We all get caught in it.  Whether it's getting to the grocery store first thing in the morning, only to have to wait in line. Do you complain to someone? Grumble to yourself?

What about if the hurry up and wait is at your doctor's office? recommends making your complaint known if your doctor always runs late, but rarely spends more than a few minutes with you. That indicates a scheduling problem, not an empathetic doctor.

2 Wants To Know talked to a patient advocate who says before you put anything in writing, talk to your doctor first. Your tone sets the tone for that conversation. If the problem keeps happening or the doctor brushes off your complaint, you might think about putting the complaint in writing.

But Denise Digh, Registered Nurse and Patient Advocate offered some advice. Digh said, "The first thing you should try, and don't be ugly, go back and say that you sat for two hours."

She said the doctor may not know, so you should also try speaking with the office manager in a nice way. 

She said the doctor not responding well is a risk you take. "If he gets mad, well, if you've gone to that length, then maybe you're ready to find a new doctor anyway."

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