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Why You Might Be Charged Twice During Your Visit To The Doctor

3:31 PM, Jul 18, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Like everything else, going to the doctor has changed.

A member of the 2 Wants To Know team got a letter the last time they went in for a routine annual preventative exam. When the letter was brought in, several other people said they too had to sign something like it.

The patient notification letter reminds patients in bold print: this is a routine exam and doesn't include addressing additional problems.

It goes on to say: addressing the problem is a separate issue with the fee. The letter spells out that insurance covers the wellness visit only.

A patient advocate 2WTK talked with said, "medicine is a business." And while we want the doctor to take good care of us we need to take care of the doctor too.

"They are on 15 minute appointments and you think one 15 minute appointment that goes long can't really do much damage, but it can throw it off for the rest of the day off," says Denise Digh.

Digh says if you come in with a laundry list of issues, don't be surprised if they say they will have to make you another appointment some time later. To avoid getting that surprise, call the office before your wellness visit and explain the other issues you want to bring up at the appointment. Some may tell you, your concerns are well within the wellness visit, but if not, everyone will be on the same page.

We're starting a conversation on Twitter about this. Use #ExtraBill. We'll share some of the comments at the end of our 2WTK newscast Wednesday.

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