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Shop Around For Best Prescription Prices - We Did

3:55 PM, Jul 15, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- When the doctor tells you that you need to take a certain medication, you don't want to say no. But the sticker shock of the meds may make you think twice about filling the pricey prescription. The best advice - shop around.

2 Wants To Know called eight pharmacies---CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Costco, Sam's, Target, Walmart and Harris Teeter. We asked for prices for the brand name drugs Lipitor -- a cholesterol medicine, Plavix -- a blood thinner, and Singulair -- for allergies and asthma.

For Lipitor, the cheapest was at Costco for $149.35. It was most expensive at Walmart at $200.68
Plavix was cheapest again at Costco for $205.45. The most expensive was $257.99 at Rite Aid.
For Singulair, the cheapest again was Costco at $189.32. The most expensive again was Rite Aid at $229.99.

Here are the prices for all eight pharmacies we called for you to compare for yourself.

The two major takeaways:
First--you don't have to be a member of Costco or Sam's Club to use their pharmacy. It is open to members and non-members alike.
Second--to protect your health, you need to make sure the pharmacy knows what other drugs you're taking.

Every company has their own computer system and Costco's system doesn't work with Rite Aid's. So make sure the pharmacist knows what other drugs you're taking.

And one last tip - a lot of pharmacies will price match. So it's worth calling around but then asking your main pharmacy to match or come close to the lowest price you find.

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