Is Wine Out Really Magic For Cleaning Up Red Wine Spills?

5:13 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Red wine said the have health benefits and is great with cheese and crackers. But it doesn't mix well with anything you spill it on, whether it's your clothing, carpet, or table linens.

That's where the "Wine Out" product comes in. For $4, "Wine Out" claims to make stains disappear like magic.

To test it, we went to a man who knows wine stains, Father Eric Kowalski of Our Lady Of Grace Catholic Church.

"I've lost linens because they beome purple!" There's no sense in that. So years ago, Our Lady Of Grace Catholic Church changed their wine selection. There's no more deep red wine used during mass, it is now a lighter Rose.

Could "Wine Out" be the saving grace for carpet, clothes and table linens? Father Kowalski was game to find out.

We started by spilling red wine on a light colored carpet. Following directions, Father Kowalski applied "Wine Out" directly to the stain, placed an absorbant white towel on it and applied pressure and then used a clean damp cloth.

The big reveal? It looked pretty good. Although the directions said another application may need to take place.

When it came to the white shirt, Father didn't hold anything back. The stain, was big! We followed directions and it looked like parts of it were changing colors, but there wasn't much hope for the sleeve which had been doused.

We tried a smaller dribble and it looked like it may disappear once the shirt was washed.

Lastly, the table linen. A dribble and again, we followed directions. First a spray, then waiting 5 minutes and then laundering.

Father woudn't quite say it was "magic" like the packaging claims, but he was impressed by what it did on the carpet and linen.

After we washed both the shirt and the linen, both still looked like they could use another treatment, but they looked better. The carpet too looked like it could use another treatment.

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