Restaurant Sanitizing Secrets You Can Use At Home

5:44 PM, Jul 11, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- One common citations inspectors give restaurants - not properly cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces where your food is made. GTCC's chef Keith Gardiner explains the violation. And keep reading - because it might mean less work for you in your own kitchen!

Keith says, "You want to clean with soap and water. The term clean in the kitchen means remove visible dirt. Then if you don't rinse it, the soap will affect the sanitizer. It lessens its ability to sanitize. So you need your surface cleaned and rinsed first and then you go through and sanitize."

He adds that the sanitizer is supposed to stay on for two minutes, that's why it's important to let it air dry.

Now for you at home: "A lot of people at home, they'll wipe something down and then dry it off.  That's a big mistake. Wipe it down and walk away. Let it dry ... Air dry...  And then the sanitizer is staying in contact with the surface for about 2 minutes."

Restaurants can lose up to three points for not following the proper steps.

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